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    Introducing the world's first mobile 3D face scanner and personalized merchandise platform for 3D printing. Your favorite story comes to life with custom 3D printed characters. A must-have for any serious fan. Learn more.

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    The biggest events demand the ultimate fan experience. Bring your fans closer to the action with the world's first 3D scanning station. See us in action at an event near you.

    MLB and MLS
  • Whiteclouds acquires 3DplusMe


    MLB All-Star Game 2016
    Super Bowl 50
    MLB World Series 2015


    Cydni Tetro demos
    the 3d mobile scanning
    at ComiCon
    San Diego.

    3D Printing for Consumers 3D Printing History
    • A Personalized 3D Printing
      Experience for Consumers.

      With our platform fans personalize a toy, transform into an animated character or become their favorite hero. Our 3D Experience lets fans become the story.

    • 3D+Heroes

      Every brand has a story and every story has a hero. 3DplusMe lets fans become the hero. Step into our 3D experience, themed to match your brand, game or team, and let our high-resolution 3D face scanner capture and create a 3D model in seconds. Then select your hero, see yourself as that hero and order your personalized 3D action figure. Once the figure is printed, it's mailed to your home or made available for pickup from the retailer.

    • 3D+Characters

      Favorite characters come in all shapes and sizes; some are yellow and wear overalls; others are super fast and can fly. 3D+Characters™ transforms fans into their favorite non-human characters. Fans step into a 3D experience, themed after their favorite story. They get their image captured, let the system learn about them and magically see a model of themselves as their favorite non-human character. Each figure is then 3D printed and ready to be enjoyed.

    • 3D+ToyBox

      Sometimes the perfect experience is building a personalized story around your favorite character. Invent and personalize whatever storyline you can imagine with 3D+ Toybox™. Take fans on the gaming adventure of a lifetime, where they choose the storyline. When they're finished, reminders of their journey are ready for 3D printing.

    • 3D+Gamer

      Everyone wants to be part of the game and 3DplusMe makes that possible. Gamers can quickly create a high-resolution 3D model, select their favorite game character and save a 3D file that integrates into virtual gaming environments. Now they can truly play out their favorite stories in first-person.

    • Mobile 3D Scanner Experience

      3DplusMe built the first available 3D scanner experience for consumers. Our fully-themed and mobile system includes a 3D face scanner that can create a high-resolution 3D model of a fan. In addition, the simple interface enables fans to easily select their favorite scan, pick their character and see a preview all while in the experience. Our mobile 3D scanner experience will be used at tradeshows, gaming conventions, sporting events and in retails stores "all over world" this year.

    The History of 3D Printing

    • 1999

      The first stereolithograph apparatus machine is produced by 3D Systems.

    • 2009

      Makerbot is founded and introduces the first 3D printer kits for consumers

    • 2011

      Front cover of the Economist is a 3D printed Stradivarius which starts rapid consumer awareness of 3D printing

    • 2012

      Amusement park introduces the first 3D print consumer experience where guests can become their favorite Star Wars character at a $100 price point.

    • 2014

      3DplusMe launches into national channels


    Assassin's Creed Booth Assassin's Creed Figure 3D Renderings


    • 3D CAPTURE
    • 3D CONTENT


    Some of the biggest names in sports, video games and entertainment trust 3DplusMe to tell their story. Let your biggest fans engage with your brand in a whole new way; combining the latest 3D scanning and printing technology with their favorite characters. Become a partner today.

    • Marvel
    • MLB
    • NFL
    • Target
    • Star Wars
    • Gingy's Cookie Maker
    • AC
    • MLS
    • LotR
    • Hasbro
    • HP
    • Halo
    • Sam's Club
    • Walmart
    • Toys R Us
    • FAO


    3DplusMe introduced the first personalized merchandising platform.

    3DplusMe, based in Bluffdale, Utah, is the first company to introduce mobile 3D face scanning for 3D printed personalized merchandise. 3DplusMe built a capture to print platform and has partnered with leading brands to deliver an immersive story-driven experiences. 3DplusMe works with major sports leagues, gaming entities and entertainment companies.

    The 3DplusMe team is comprised of successful serial entrepreneurs and the only people in the world that have created and sold 3D printed products on a large scale in major retail outlets. Our team has spent years understanding all of the technical issues that impact consumers in the 3D printing space, from consumer perception, to attaching multiple 3D models, to color matching, to types of printers that work, to finishes produced, to how to make personalized products at large scale. No other team has the depth of experience and knowledge in this space as 3DplusMe.

    Jan. 6, 2016: WhiteClouds, the largest full-color 3D-printing services company in the world, today announced the acquisition of 3DplusMe, a leader in 3D capture-to-print branded experiences. >> Read the press release.